Phil L. AvatarPhil L.

5 star rating Great food and drinks, locals eat here, prices are less than many other restaurants in the area. Highly recommend this restaurant and the help is very good also. - 2 days ago 

Olivia G. AvatarOlivia G.

5 star rating SO AMAZING!!! We had amazing service, amazing food, amazing view. We had made reservations for 6 at 5:30 and when we walked in something had not worked in the system for the reservation but regardless we were sat down right away! Our server, Jarmyn I believe that was her name, was absolutely wonderful; she was on top of it the whole meal, super informative about the menu (dishes and drinks), and so so sweet, I'd honestly go back just to have her as a server again. The food was on point as well, so good, warm, and delightful.

I'd like to add we went here for breakfast as well a few days before and it was super good then as well! We hadn't realized we were going to the same place when we chose to go here last night for my parents anniversary.

If you're looking for a spot to eat in downtown Kona, go here!!! - 2 days ago 

Kathia V. AvatarKathia V.

4 star rating I enjoyed my experience at this restaurant. They were able to accommodate a party of 6 for dinner. The menu had a variety of food choices. I wished the dinner menu had fish tacos, however I believe it's on the the lunch menu. The food portion is small which is why I rated it a 4 star. The food was good though! It's definitely a place to try for a nice dinner. - 2 days ago 

Kashyap J. AvatarKashyap J.

4 star rating We had fish hopper marked in our big island eateries. Finally got a chance to dine at decent time after few days.

Things are more expensive since 2020. With current inflation and scarcity it's making harder for businesses to make ends meet too.
It's impacted big island largely.
We tried poke and the day special Mac nut crusted mahi mahi with grilled shrimp. It was priced $38.
Both the dishes were good. Liked that they served grilled shrimp on side in a warm small bowl per our request. The fish preparation with tomato purée and mashed potato was complimenting each other quite well.
I also tried big island mai tai which has mango rum and it was stronnnnng!
Mahalo to our server Rio who got everything by out within minutes. Wish him good luck in his journey on big island! - 3 days ago 

Maritess C. AvatarMaritess C.

4 star rating Hubby, daughter and I came here for lunch. Seating took only around 5 minutes depending on how busy they are. We got seated and got served iced waters. Hubby ordered me a pain killer. I think it consisted of rum and pineapple juice. I didn't even want a drink but hubby ordered it for me lol
We decided on what we wanted to order. I got the fish tacos. The fish tacos had mahi mahi in it. I have been so used to eating fish tacos with cod fish. It's a much lighter fish. The mahi mahi was a little too heavy for me but I managed to finish my tacos. It also came with a choice of French fries or coke slaw. I picked french fries. The tacos were also filled with chunks of pineapple, onions and green onions. So much flavor. It also came with the green salsa which was good. There was a side of ketchup for my fries.
Our waiter was nice and very accommodating and asked us if we were doing okay. A descent place to eat but also pricey. It was a splurge for us. At least we got to try it out. - 1 week ago 

Jim S. AvatarJim S.

4 star rating I ate here for my first time recently for lunch. It has an open air large dining area that is vary casual with views of Kona bay. The service was friendly and the prices were reasonable. I ended up getting the fish and chips that were pretty good. It was full of people but the service was quick which impressed me. I would recommend this place for a casual meal and a nice relaxing ambience and view of the water. - 1 week ago 

Phil R. AvatarPhil R.

4 star rating Food was good, drinks, service and view was very nice. Reservations not required but recommended. - 1 week ago 

Nikki J. AvatarNikki J.

4 star rating Let's start with the view, absolutely gorgeous and relaxing.

Next the service was A+ . As soon as we were seated the wait staff brought over waters. Immediately after our waitress inquired if we wanted something else to quench our thirst. Upon giving us a few additional minutes she took our orders. And not to long after thgat our food arrived.

The pancakes we okay. I'm more of an IHOP pancaje consistancy type of a girl. But these did hit the spot and were very filling. The roasted potatoes hot, fresh and delicious.

I'd defintely go back the next time we visit the Big Island !! Between the A+ service, speed of my meal delivery and the taste. 4 stars !! - 1 week ago 

Bobby G. AvatarBobby G.

4 star rating I got the claim chowder to start and it was definitely 10/10. Followed that up with the fish and chips which were good, but I've had better. Service was good and food came quickly. - 2 weeks ago 

Robin C. AvatarRobin C.

4 star rating We were in search of gluten-free food and this place hit the spot! Ask for the gluten-free menu and there are quite a few options. I wish I had realized to turn the menu page for more!

Husband and I started with their gluten free calamari. It's not breaded but it was in a delicious tomato based broth.

Kids got the gluten-free grilled cheese and enjoyed them.

I got the Mango bbq pork ribs. They had a decent amount of meat on them and a lovely flavor. It came with rice and perfectly cooked veggies. Our server brought us wet napkins, and a towel.

Husband got a fish with wasabi mashed potatoes but was disappointed that he didn't get much of the flavor or feeling of ingesting wasabi.

Another post mentioned the macadamia nut cake as gluten free. We were told to not eat the crustso if you're celiac you're going to need to do more digging. My husband enjoyed his cheesecake. They was such an assortment of desserts- it would be nice if one could be dedicated gluten-free.

Overall it was a nice dining experience with an epic view of the ocean! - 2 weeks ago